Plasmag is a device that relies on evaporation of very small points of the surface layer of the skin by ionizing the air molecules touching the surface of the skin and called the process of sublimation to Bntj by the heat points to the skin to shrink and shrink in the direction and Btsil excess part of the skin completely
The sublimation process is obtained with another electron in the other cell on the surface of the skin. 

Noninvasive blepharoplasty 
Plasmage technology Developed to treat delicate areas safely like upper and lower eyelids. Plasmage sublimates tissues without side effects on the skin.
It is the only tool to perform Blefaroplasma with quick results. If you feel sagging in your eye lid if i you have a lot of wrinkles around your eye don’t hesitate plsamage will be your perfect option.
After plasmage session you will have younger and toned eye lid with beautiful opened eye look

How does it work ?
PLASMAGE®is able to generate the plasma through an electric discharge that starts when the tip is getting close enough to the skin but never touching it Treated tissues sublimate, without ablative effects on the skin.
Plasmage creates a series of small dots on the skin that are triggers for an immediate reaction – the tissue is tightened, lifted, contoured, and renewed. Plasmage uses the fourth state of matter – gas – to achieve this effect. An ionisation of gases from the air occurs, creating a small electric arch. These electric arches are used to treat a certain problem, while the surrounding skin remains unaffected.
Also plasmage can be used in another skin disorders like
blepharoplasma, wrinkles, xanthelasma, acne, scars, lentigo, fibroma, verrucas

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