The skin of the sessions of Vivace
Skin is the dream of life is the dream of every female and in many factors very in our daily life to abandon our skin loses its freshness and keeps its weight, such as psychological pressure, malnutrition, nervousness, aging, climate changes and other factors too, and even young people Bfqdh very skinny skin and skinny Bnhaha larger Of their age Bacter
As we return to its freshness, we have been faced with traditional solutions such as large creams, plasma sessions, derma roller, dermabine and injection of mesotherapy to reduce the appearance of one of the unique solutions based on advanced technology. The solution is the technique of Vivace and the most beautiful technique of the VIVATCHY that we are as if we work (Plasma – Dermabine – At one time, it was a great way to get the best and best technique possible for its youthful skin.
We know more about the feat and how it works and how to sell all the needs at once
Fibonacci is a Microneedle RF device which is a microdermidle device that is very small and very thin with a depth of 5 ml to 3.5 ml. The micro needles reach the depth we want in the skin and after the start of RF waves, It stimulates the skin to produce collagen and stimulates the growth of healthy and vital cells of the skin and the combined effect of Viagra Baiji

The needles accurate to reach the blood bristles of the human and begin to work holes very accurate and a friend to stimulate the blood circulation of the skin and the clearance of blood being in the skin very strongly as if we work plasma but without drawing blood and inject it.

II Microneedling Effect
The entry of micro needles and their exit from the skin, microwounds, and the body. The body is stimulated because heeling works, produces a larger collagen and stimulates the process of regeneration of the cells, and the effect of dermapen is less than what causes the wounds or effects of the skin.

III RF Thermal Frequency
It stimulates the production of collagen, reduces pores, treats the effects of grains, increases skin freshness and vitality, builds healthy cells and treats fine lines in the skin.

IV skin permeability
This means that the absorption of the skin of any element or vitamin Bttn it and therefore estimated to enter the vitamins to the need as soon as Manttha on the surface of the skin without resorting to the injection completely

What are the needs for improving with the VIVATCHI
The freshness of the skin and vitality and brilliance
The wide pores are very small
acne traces
The skin opens
Skin Bacon is more healthy and vitality

Do you need anesthesia?
Alfivachi session simple work without anesthesia and there is no injection or any opening in the skin and can only use a local anesthetic cream

Bakhd may be after the meeting on the basis of natural return and do you have a trace?
The skin after the meeting, in contrast to the color of red only and returned to the natural color during the day of the work of the session and preferred today, where the sun is exposed and no precipitation traces

Do you need a cam sitting?
Approximately 4 sessions per session per month

The result of my mother?
During the two weeks of the session and the results of the college after we finish the entire course

The time of the meeting may be?
From 30 to 45 minutes

Heliopolis: 13 El Thawra St. – El Korba – Upper Supreme Cafe

Mohandeseen: 26 Lebanon El Mohandeseen St. Above Mother Care

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