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Cellulite (Cellulite) is not a problem for you alone but the problem is almost 90% of the ladies
And the very few women who are bothered by the shape of her body and her knees frustrated and convinced that it is a problem solution and I prefer the length of my life and salvation, but in fact the subject is simple and solution.
The problem of cellulite is that it is the accumulation of fat in the layers of the skin and the accumulation of fat Bacon is not distributed evenly distributed in the skin and there is a lot of fat in the skin and places do not and therefore the skin takes the form of fat Da and appear that it is high in places and low in places where the skin is inserted into the skin, Or curvy and not even taut.
Since the main problem in cellulite was in the layer of fat under the skin, all the methods of treatment, uniform cream creams and other effects of Bacon on the skin, but not respond to the result at all but the latest and the only way possible to reach the skin shape and touch natural and hard is that we are beginning to treat The superficial lipid layer is the cause of the problem of two dimensions. We focus on individual skin and increase the collagen in it due to its shape and natural texture.

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